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Neck rehabilitation – diagnosis and treatment of whiplash

We conduct research aiming to optimize and improve diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the treatment of whiplash. Also, we collaborate with experts in neurology, dentistry, laryngology, speech therapy and optometry.  Thanks to this, we have helped many patients with whiplash return to life without pain.

We aim to design a device that will record the position of the head and help to perform deep muscle exercises. This device will help in:

- the diagnosis and treatment of the masticatory system;

- the management of post-traumatic cervical instability and whiplash injury.


Cervical physiotherapy – Warszawa, Ursynów

Cervical spine rehabilitation is one of our specialties. For years we have been helping patients with injuries and anatomical degenerations of the cervical spine. We have rich experience in treating patients with whiplash associated disorders, and we provide assistance to patients suffering from other injuries and conditions. If you have any questions or doubts, we will be happy to assist you. After assessing your condition, our specialists will propose a treatment plan that would address your medical problem.

Whiplash - treatment and rehabilitation

Your treatment will depend on how serious your whiplash injury is. The severity of the injury is determined by using a four-point scale. The lowest degree is characterized by the absence of symptoms and pain, which intensify in the case of type I or II trauma.

The goal of the treatment is to:

  • minimize pain,

  • restore normal range of motion in the neck,

  • restore the natural spine curve,

  • eliminate muscle imbalance,

  • stabilize body movements.

Rehabilitation: the recovery process starts with stretching and motion exercises of the neck and functional exercises.  The movements of the neck should be gentle to avoid too much pain.

Physiotherapy focuses on reducing pain and muscle strain. The most commonly used treatments include: laser, electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound therapy.

Treatment should start immediately after an injury, even if you don’t feel the pain right away.
Failure to do so may result in chronic pain.

70% of all people involved in a car accident experience whiplash and neck pain.


What is whiplash?

Whiplash is a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the head and the neck. Car accidents are the most common cause of whiplash.

The forceful movement strains and damages the muscles, tendons, spinal discs, and nerves in the neck. Here are common signs and symptoms:

  • neck pain,

  • stiffness and reduced range of motion,

  • headaches,

  • vertigo and balance problems,

  • jaw pain (TMJ disorder),

  • swallowing problems,

  • blurred vision,

  • eye accommodation disorders.

Rehabilitation of whiplash associated disorders

Uraz typu whiplash

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