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1. The Administrator of your personal data given in the contact form is RehaDent with its registered office at Lanciego Street 19 /127, 02-792 Warsaw, NIP: 9512515114; email:kontakt@rehadent.pl, tel. no.: 22 240 13 13, hereinafter referred to as: the Administrator.

2. Personal data will be processed in order to respond to the message sent. Legal basis: art. 6 para. 1, letter f of General Data Protection Regulation (legitimate interest: communication with website users).

3. The recipients of your personal data will only be entities authorized by the Administrator, in particular dealing with IT or legal services for the Administrator, on the basis of contracts for entrusting the processing of personal data, or institutions authorized to control the activities of the Administrator and to gain access to personal data on the basis of legal provisions.

4. Your personal data will be stored for the period necessary to reply to the message sent via the contact form or until you submit a request to delete the data, and after this time, for the period of limitation of any claims resulting from generally applicable law.

5. All persons whose personal data is processed have the following rights:

a) the right to access personal data, the right to request correction (revision) of personal data, the right to request the deletion of personal data, the right to request a restriction to the processing of personal data;

b) the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data – on the basis of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);

c) the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (the President of the Personal Data Protection Office), if you believe that processing of your personal data violates the GDPR.

6.Providing data marked with an asterisk is necessary for sending a message via contact form. Refusal to provide data will result in not being able to send a message. Providing other data is voluntary and will not affect the process of sending a message.


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