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Dental rehabilitation – Warszawa

If you are affected by occlusal disease or other dental-related abnormalities, our team of experts will help you. We provide a high-quality treatment and care of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) and cervical spine dysfunctions (CSD). If you have any questions or doubts, we will be happy to assist you.


In most cases, the treatment requires the collaboration of physical therapists and dentists.

Symptoms of occlusal disease:

• frequent, recurring headaches,

• facial muscle tension,

• pain in temporomandibular joints,

• grinding, gnashing or clenching teeth,

• jaw clicking or popping,

• tinnitus,

• neck pain,

• back strain,

• posture abnormalities,

• cracked or broken teeth.


When the treatment is completed, in most cases prosthetic or orthodontic-prosthetic solutions should be introduced to stabilize and reconstruct the masticatory organ.

Dental physiotherapy or jaw physiotherapy focuses on treating dysfunctions of the masticatory system. A jaw physiotherapist examines and restores the function of masticatory muscles, temporomandibular joints, and the nervous system that coordinates their work. Dental physiotherapy and rehabilitation are used in the treatment of many dysfunctions of the craniofacial area. In addition, these procedures facilitate the recovery process of the patients after traumatic injuries.

Treatment may vary depending on the history of the medical problem. Therefore, effective dental physiotherapy may require the involvement of many specialists, such as jaw physiotherapists, dentists, speech therapists, and many others. Combining the knowledge and experience of each specialist means effective rehabilitation and recovery of the patient.


Dental physiotherapy and occlusal disease treatment


The rehabilitation of the masticatory system is a crucial therapeutic option for the treatment of occlusal disease. This disease (also known as malocclusion) occurs when your teeth are misaligned and can cause damage to your teeth, jaw muscles, and joints. A physiotherapist will stabilize and restore the condition of the muscles and joints of the masticatory system as well as the muscles and joints of the cervical spine. This procedure requires the use of ultrasound imaging for precise control of the joint. Sometimes, occlusive splints are placed on the teeth to prevent and protect the teeth, jaw and muscles from overuse and damage, and to ensure effective treatment

Dental physiotherapy – Warszawa


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